Module 2: Google Drive & Voxer

I have always used an organization system through my schooling and work.  That said, sometimes I neglect to take the extra minute to place the paper back in the correct folder, I know that it is always easier later to find it correctly filed rather than in the “to be filed” pile.  Interesting when creating an online file, I automatically file it away in the correct online folder.  So without even being prompted by this module, I made the decision to use Google Drive for Jump Start.  I began using Google Drive a few years ago, initially to share a few documents with a colleague and it has blossomed from there.  No longer do I question if I saved something to my personal computer that I needed for work, or realize that I forgot the USB stick at home.  It makes my life so much easier having the cloud around!  I prefer being able to create a document and know that I can access it at any time or any place (provided there is an internet connection) and never have to think twice about it.  Since I have always had some computer skills – both my parents encouraged the development of them – I found when I needed to learn Google Drive, that it was very easy to transfer my skills.


I had never heard of Voxer prior to beginning this professional development a few days ago.  I was a bit hesitant, but figured how else do you learn if not jumping in with both feet!  After signing up for a username and seeing the tips from Walkie, I started to gain a bit of an understanding of what this app could do.  I observed a chat group for a day and then just to ensure that I completely understood the ins and outs I found a YouTube tutorial before jumping in and giving it a whirl.  I found it fairly easy to use and I am contemplating how I could integrate this app into my classroom, particularly after learning that it can be used on a computer not just a smartphone!


Link to Module One:




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