Module 3: Creating with WordPress

Initially I found WordPress a bit overwhelming.  I have blogged before – or at least attempted it on both blogger and weebly for my classroom.  There were a lot of options with WordPress, so I decided to start with just one option and see the impact.  However,  I found even when I thought I had changed something, I wasn’t seeing an impact.  I continued to fiddle, watch the support videos provided on WordPress and eventually like magic things seemed to come together.  I’m still struggling with how to link the page I created about myself to the rest of the webpage, but I’m hoping with a bit more perseverance that things will come together.

While working on this module and wanting to have graphics involved as I find them more user friendly.  I recalled a post on a local Facebook group about using copyright free images for your work.  After a bit of searching, I was linked to a Youtube video which suggested four sites that contained clip art or photographs found in the public domain or assisted with crediting the source.  I chose to use Pixabay to support my blog posts on Module 2 & 3, and found it extremely easy to use and there were several options available.  As I have never insisted on  using images in the public domain or ensured that credit was given on student assignments, I’m planning on being more insistent on this in the upcoming year since these sites were extremely easy to use and add to my blog.


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