Module 4: ThingLink

ThingLink ( is an interactive poster that takes everything to the next level.  This allows the creator to add in audio, video, pictures and text without ever leaving the original poster.

Since I am a generalist (teaching all aspects of the curriculum) and I am fortunate enough to be sharing a class set of chrome books next year with my neighbour teacher, I wanted to see some of the ways that I could use chrome books outside the box.  So for me – math is one of the toughest subject areas to not just rely on a textbook.  So when I stumbled across this, it seemed perfect!


Math App Examples.  Created by:



I would use ThingLink in my classroom in several different ways:

I love the idea that Jennifer Gonzalez provided to have students create their own ThingLink as a get to know you at the beginning of the year, so this will be a part of my

Math: have an equation and have students write in the steps to explain in

Given a budget – share how you would spend your salary

Science: To share a life cycle/rock cycle – label it.  Add details to explain what’s happening

  Show a chemical reaction – students research how it happened/video       explanation; explain key terms; link to other similar reactions

Social Studies: Label a map

Look at the historical significance in a photo – what do you notice? Who/What is shown? What happened as a result of? When was this? How did the events unfold?

Language Arts: Writing directions ex. how to make the best grilled cheese

Author study – basic facts; author Q&A; writing process

Given a picture with opposing sides – have students write from each person’s perspective

Label and explain different literary devices as found in literature

Literature Circle project – highlight some of the key moments in a story without giving it all away

Music: Showcasing different instrument sounds with a picture of an orchestra/jazz combo

Research project on  a particular group/musician including photos/song clips/interviews following a theme ex. Canadian musicians, Black history month, classical music, indie artists

Art: Choose an artist –  get some basic facts of their life; showcase some of their work; share the technique that they are famous for







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