Module 4: Vimeo

I have always relied on YouTube to provide videos on any given topic.  I will need to check out Vimeo now as well since there seems to be some quality projects here too.

Found at:  You’re Never Too Young to Change the World by Tom Haines

Director: Tom Haines
Producer: Jamie Clark
DOP: Steve Annis
Editor: Julian Eguiguren
Colourist: James Tillet
Post: MPC
Music: Alt-J ‘Something Good’

You’re Never Too Young To Change The World – Director’s Cut from Tom Haines on Vimeo.

Although this message is not content driven, it still remains to be an important message.


How I would use Vimeo in my classroom:

To watch videos related to a variety of content

Video making techniques (what was done to make the video more interesting to watch? powerful etc?

Professional development

Have students create a video to showcase their learning for each other, for their families, and possibly a digital portfolio



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