Module 6: Google Forms

Although I have never used Google Forms before, I found it extremely easy to use.  There was a quick demo from Google when I first opened the application, but with a few easy clicks you could easily discover how it works.  The only part I struggled with was after I created a quiz (as a second assignment), I wasn’t sure how to take advantage of the auto-marking.  After a quick lesson from my sister, who is a Google Certified Trainer, I was on my way.

This tool will be helpful for me to gain knowledge about my students and easily.  As it can be a way to gather information, this tool  can be used as a quiz (which can be auto-marked), or to allow my student to gather information to use for a graphing unit.  Since we are always looking at ways to integrate technology, this would allow students to simplify and view different statistics for different results.


As my teaching neighbour and I had already decided we wanted to put in place weekly math quizzes, but recognize the time constraint on marking 30 quizzes each week, I believe that Google forms will be the perfect way to solve this.  The quiz can be written with an answer key, allowing with a few easy key strokes for the system to auto -mark and for me to easily see what went well and what was a struggle for my students.


Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 15.43.41


The link to my survey:

The link to Google Forms:



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