Module 7: Screencast-O-Matic

I have never created a screencast before, in fact I’ve always viewed it as this magical land that only “techie” people can go.  Guess I’ve officially crossed over!  I began watching the video tutorial that Jennifer provided, and about half way into it I decided – Let’s go for it!  After downloading the application I found it very easy to use, with my biggest issue being the need to ensure the recording space was large enough to see all applicable aspects of the screen.


How I foresee using this in my classroom:

Math – explaining a difficult concept so that students are able to view it at home, and parents are able to provide more support

Large projects/new tech tools – which allow students to go back and review instructions without worrying about losing the treasured paper with instructions

Students creating a project and showcasing their learning through a video such as Explain Everything

Tech day – I’m hoping to provide 15 mins once a week for students to explore a tool.  Once a month, I may have them do a screencast to showcase their learning to their peers.  I may try to host these videos in one place that is private and only open to my class to view.

Students with minimal reading – read the test/assignment to them without needing to be tied to them, or quickly reading it and vanishing to assist other students


My video: Creating Folders in Google Drive



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