Hi I’m Jacquie and I am a dessert lover – to the point that when I was younger my parents used to tell people that my middle name was dessert.  So on our honeymoon to Europe a couple of years ago, I was in heaven with all of the carefully crafted baked goods found throughout each city.  Each country we visited didn’t disappoint with each sweet treat.  I live in a city 4 hours outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, and teach in village of 2500, 45 minutes outside my city.

I have been teaching for six years now, so I guess I’m no longer considered a rookie.  I have taught a wide variety of grades including a full year of being a teacher on call (substitute) which included kindergarten-grade twelve, and a variety of classroom contracts in: grade one, grade one/two, kindergarten-grade seven music, grade three/four, grade six/seven, and grade seven.  I have spent the past school year on maternity leave (I’m so fortunate!), and although I am a bit unsure of how the next school year will develop as I figure out how to balance home and work life, I am excited.  When I return to school in September, I am currently set up to teach a grade six and seven class with all subjects involved.  I have also been chosen alongside my teaching neighbour to share a class set of chrome books, which I am super excited to have!

This blog will be used to help teach myself how to use different apps.  Eventually I plan on providing this website to my students so that they can watch tutorials on how to, as we integrate technology into their learning this year.  This way I can provide some support to them if they have forgotten how to do something, or potentially help troubleshoot a reoccurring problem.

During this course, I’m hoping to learn about some new apps that I can implement into my classroom to make my life easier, open up communication with parents and continue to develop my student’s skills.  I would also like to make some professional connections for those who have been exposed to the same course and to see how they implement our learning into their classrooms.